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What makes a good modern spinner cut? Some tips from PIT farmer Paul Price

They don’t need to be deep - design them to your flow rate. The faster your flow the deeper they can be. With 10 ML flows on Tim’s bay they were only a few inches deep. If you have faster flow, experiment with a greater depth.

  • Keep them clean all year round. They need to be clean to work effectively and in winter to get benefits as well. When cleaning them out don’t make them deeper - just buzz out the grass.

  • Get the spacing of the spinner cuts right. Paul’s rule of thumb is for the two outer spinner cuts in each bay to be 7 m in from each check bank. Then evenly space the remaining spinner cuts at 10 to 14 m apart, depending on the bay width.

  • Start the spinner cuts 10 to 15 m from the top of the bay to allow water to spread across the bay before reaching them.

  • Run the spinner cuts all way down the bay to the bottom drain

  • Keep practicing and have patience - work out what works best for you.

  • They are not just to fix dodgy bays. They will really improve the performance of freshly landformed country too.

Picture: PIT farmer Paul Price with the spinner cuts he helped Tim & Lyndal implement on the Humphris Partner Farm.

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