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Soil Constraints Roadtrip highlights impact of soils on productivity

Working with our farmers, we delivered a Soils Constraints Road Trip in July, taking participants to three different sites in the Tatura-Stanhope region to look at different structural soil issues and ways to address them on farm for improved productivity. The Road Trip was delivered by soil scientist, Christian Bannan, who took farmers through issue identification and possible practical remediation actions in an interactive format.

The feedback from the day indicated that the event was particularly relevant for farmers in our region, given the wet conditions of each site. We are developing up a full report and video of the day so watch this space for more information. Accelerating Change is making this workshop available for delivery upon request. If you and your neighbours, or Discussion Group is interested at having a closer look at your soils, please get in touch.

"Your top soil is your horse power and your sub soil is your water tank"- Soil Scientist, Christian Bannan

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